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IL Guided Practice Online

As an entry-point into Interstitial Listening, we offer two online guided podcasts. You can select either the 90 minute or 30 minute version.

The introductory progression of IL is normally 4 hours minimum, so this is really just a small window into what we do.

We hope that this experience will inspire you to join us for a workshop, either live or virtual, in the near future!

Feel free to get in touch and let us know if you have any questions or comments.


You may wish to grab a pillow to sit on, as well as a notebook and pen to write down reflections as we go.

As much as possible, please also minimise distractions in your environment for the duration of this practice.

Feel free to pause the recording in between listening tasks to write in your journal.

90 minute guided Interstitial Listening practice

30 minute guided Interstitial Listening practice