IL Guided Practice Online

Welcome to this online session of Interstitial Listening. This 90-minute guided practice offers a window into the wealth of exercises, both individual and collective, that we have developed over the years. These initial online resources have been developed through a series of virtual and live workshops with performers in Berlin and beyond during summer 2021, with support from a DisTanz Solo Grant (see details and logos below). For additional context, you can read about Interstitial Listening here.

Before getting started, you may wish to grab a pillow to sit on, as well as a notebook and pen to write down reflections as we go. As much as possible, please also minimise distractions in your environment for the duration of this practice. Below, you can select the voice of either Teoma Naccarato or John MacCallum to guide you.

Feel free to get in touch and let us know if you have any questions or comments. We hope that you enjoy this virtual practice, and that we will have the opportunity to share more of it with you in future workshops!